• 9K Gold 20c Coin Necklace
  • 9K Gold 20c Coin Necklace
  • 9K Gold 20c Coin Necklace

9K Gold 20c Coin Necklace

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The TWOBOP KETTANG (pronounced: kê-tang) is made up of a chain and pendant.

The pendant emulates the 20-cent coins The South African Reserve Bank issued in 1989 and is still in circulation today. Reminiscent of the contraband arcade games that used twenty-cent pieces (a twobop) to play at the corner shop, we wear a kettang to show who and what we've come to represent.

The kettang comes with a 55cm or 60cm Cuban Miami chain (2.1mm width), and the pendant is made locally of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver or 9-Karat Gold. A local business supplies the chains with connections to Italy's best jewellery. On the alternate side, the pendant features the TWOBOP name mark and is stamped with a hallmark to certify the metal's purity.

All chains are classic and modern unisex styles.

Though our jewellery is tarnish-resistant treated, it might oxidise over time. And thus, we recommend avoiding direct contact with water and chemical products. For example, chlorine, make-up, perfume and hairspray may affect and dull your jewellery's finish and cause discolouration or oxidation. 

This product is individually handcrafted and will have inconsistencies based on the casting and finishing processes. As a result, products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next.


Chain Length:

Pendant Metal: 9-Karat (9k) Gold
Pendant Diameter: 20mm
Chain Metal: 9-Karat (9k) Gold
Chain Width: 2.1mm (60 gauge)
Chain Length: 55cm; 60cm
Clasp: Lobster Claw