TWOBOP began when the futuristic fantasy realms of bootleg arcade games converged with the heavily censored media landscape of apartheid era South Africa inside the young imagination of founder Anthony Smith. During that time there was less than little on offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge design or technology. The contraband arcade games that used 20c pieces (a twobop) to play at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world. Fuelled by those glimpses, Smith set out to make real what his immediate world withheld; the opportunity to explore beyond those limitations and create. From a new generation of South African creativity and youth, Mario Ogle and Eden Toohey-Ogle honour the beginnings of the brand, and it’s community-driven ethos, looking to tell authentic South African stories through streetwear that speaks, both to TWOBOP’s originality, sense of play and imagination, and the communities at its heart – taking these for-us-by-us narratives from Woodstock to the world.